24 Nov 2014



Business Process and Operations & Managed Services at Emergency Communications Centres (ECC) in Kaduna and Benue States

November 2018


As a strategically placed and renowned telecom operators governing body, the Nigerian Communications Commission has set out to provide the required support for national security through the establishment of the Emergency Communication Centre and has engaged Four D Associates to execute the implementation of Business Process & Operation (BPO) and Managed Services at the Emergency Communication Centres in Kaduna and Benue states.

The emergency call-taking operations at the centres are designed to receive calls from members of the public via a universal emergency communication short code 112. Received calls are then dispatched to the appropriate emergency response agencies – Police, Fire Service, Federal Road Safety Commission, Ambulance Services, Nigerian Security and the Civil Defence Corp.

Scope of Work

The scope of the work included but was not limited to the following:
-Operation and maintenance of the communication infrastructure consisting of a universal access platform.
-Supporting application servers.
-11 agent workstations.
-6 dispatcher workstations.
-Backup power system and an operators microwave radio link power supply system.